Prince and The Weddding Planner

Connection of friends is a Track Rec of LOVE a rack rec of joy and
a MR meaner of a miss understanding
so much to learn and innocence of a cruse

Carols falls and all that
All that I have and all that I hold, and I see the insight that you have proposed
but I make mistake and you taught me yours were better than mine
So hear the love and shit will just shine

I don't love the new the music; just all you do
I'm in love with YOU, my friend, my homie, my BAAAbe, my MAN, and,
my boo

just don't be lonely in there not in your treasure of boxes
come out Proud and Humble
even in our lil' miscarriage

... I miss You ...

Sorry, I can't be with you sleepy and slumped
I love u boo...
I love you too.

Good night to you
The beat of my heart
Belongs to you

Sin Dear Real AAAH!

Another world to live in. Where? There was a day, an hour, when she realize that the Fair Princess, is doomed to seek, in others' eyes confirmation of her own being. For we are not who we are told we are, if we are not told. Are we?
Joyce Carol Oates

40oz bounce BBQ from Nunnie20 on Vimeo.

"...find yourself and then find me I always like you better when you are just you... lovely days are never alone. Great nights are better @ home..."