Some ppl live to find true love, others live to find success. Many ppl just live
to breath, sleep, n eat. Some say they live to find true happiness. I well, i
live to feel. No i dont mean i'm emotional. I mean to really feel love, to taste


His Dark Features and his light Eyes

His mouth soft and glossed
Desperate for his kiss
Wet from a personal lick

Enter my soul Enter my Dreams

Enter my realm, my reality but don’t think it’s a scheme

IF I could hold me close I would use you only for your arms
Safe till we run a home score… Bored and buried
Thin at the knees times thr


cause all you do is walk by in my dreams

How will I get you back to the rooftop’s sun setting lights?

Sweet 15th B-Days Debutane

Bate Hov....

It was a Day of Joy she build for me, It was the day I waited at the salon....
They Rushed me from the Dryer to the Hall ...
He Left me waiting...
and waiting....
and waiting 'till I said FUCK IT!

In our hearts somewhere we find those less vulnerable to us to prey on.
Whether it be because we feel sympathy or we find love in ourselves
... Selfish Love ....
We Find love in ourselves of thou selves upon which we wish on .
Ms. JPeaches

....when a movie didn't work, it was exactly as if a good friend had failed. The friend might be fucked up, they might be complete mess and a loser, but that didn't mean you didn't love them and you didn't want them to succeed... You had to make a commitment to your passions. . .

LipStick Jungle
Candace Bushnell


Prince and The Weddding Planner

Connection of friends is a Track Rec of LOVE a rack rec of joy and
a MR meaner of a miss understanding
so much to learn and innocence of a cruse

Carols falls and all that
All that I have and all that I hold, and I see the insight that you have proposed
but I make mistake and you taught me yours were better than mine
So hear the love and shit will just shine

I don't love the new the music; just all you do
I'm in love with YOU, my friend, my homie, my BAAAbe, my MAN, and,
my boo

just don't be lonely in there not in your treasure of boxes
come out Proud and Humble
even in our lil' miscarriage

... I miss You ...

Sorry, I can't be with you sleepy and slumped
I love u boo...
I love you too.

Good night to you
The beat of my heart
Belongs to you

Sin Dear Real AAAH!

Another world to live in. Where? There was a day, an hour, when she realize that the Fair Princess, is doomed to seek, in others' eyes confirmation of her own being. For we are not who we are told we are, if we are not told. Are we?
Joyce Carol Oates

40oz bounce BBQ from Nunnie20 on Vimeo.

"...find yourself and then find me I always like you better when you are just you... lovely days are never alone. Great nights are better @ home..."

His High Ness PurrrrFection

Let’s dance in style,
Let’s dance for a while,
Heaven can wait we’re only watching the skies
Hoping for the best

but expecting
the worst,

Are you gonna drop the bomb or not?

It seemed like it was only yesterday I was a teenager rebellion with out a cause. Finding anyway to fight the norm, and searching for an identity that I can call my own. Holding on the that piece of me No One can dispute that is No One else but I. Now it seems that every one has their own disputable "one of a kind self".

Perhaps it was on that dreadful day,
we all watched in awe, as so many prophets predicted the day would come. The Twin Towers went down...
The beginning that marked the end is near; no matter what religion you were or were not; we all questioned "Is this the end?"

The aftermath: